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Nantucket boat rentals and paddleboard rentals from Tidal Creeks Outfitters. The waters around Nantucket are some of the most bountiful and sought after on the east coast. If you’re looking for an unmatched fishing experience or fresh shellfish (clams, oysters, bay scallops) out of the harbor, to access to one of the island’s remote beaches and just want to watch the sunset setting over the sound, Nantucket’s waters can provide that experience. 

Our rental fleet consists of the safest, most reliable boats, paddle boards and kayaks on Nantucket. With the opportunity to enhance the rental experience through our “experience” based packages, you have the ability to take your own experience to a whole new level! Boat trips can either be either self-guided or if your experience level is a concern, we can offer guidance where needed. 

As we operate in the months of June through September with hourly, half and full day rentals you have the ability to take advantage of this great natural resource in ways that most can only dream about.  Come and enjoy one aspect of the “lifestyle” that can only be found on waters of Nantucket!